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Material Specification

Ad Format : Center Island Ad

Definition : homepage

  W x H (pixel) file format file size
Initial 370 x 220 SWF / FLA 40K
  GIF / JPG 20K
Tab max 4 chinese words (in font size 13)
Backup 370 x 220 GIF 20K

General Material Guideline :

  • HTML file cannot be more than one
  • All JavaScript should be embed into the HTML (no linked JacaScript file)
  • Linked CSS File is not accepted. It should use Inline -CSS e.g. ‹ DIV style="THE_INLINE_CSS" ›
  • HTML File contains only the optimized HTML Code & JavaScript for displaying the advertisement
  • Unused HTML Code & JavaScript must be taken out
  • JQuery should be in 1.7.1 version
  • HTML code should not be greater than 3k
  • all advertising material should support IE7, 8, 9 and 10, Chrome 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Firefox 9, 10, 11 and Safrai 5
  • Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e., http://207.123.456.78 )
  • Linking URLs must NOT contains "#" or "@"
  • Linking URLs must lead to a valid web page. PDF or Image file landing URL is NOT allowed
  • Backup GIF will be served for mobile, e.g. IOS and Adroid
  • All advertisement content is subject to approval by Hong Kong Economic Journal
  • For collecting personal information within advertisements, those ad units will need to :
    • 1) Clearly identify your organization
    • 2) Provide a direct link to your privacy policy, adjacent to the submit button
    • 3) Clearly identify the purpose for c

Flash Guideline

  • All swf file should be submitted with the source file (fla) in same version for testing and scheduling
  • All fonts in fla must be converted into image
  • The frame rate should not exceed 24 frames per second. 18 frames per second is preferred
  • All flash creative must install clickTAG Command and provided backup GIF File, neither JPG nor PNG are accepted
  • Flash banners must be published in flash version 6, 7, 8, 10
  • Button layer should be added on visible floating object and regular banner area only
  • Transparent area must not be clickable
  • A background layer is necessary as the"wmode" parameter will be set as transparent
  • If the flash background color of is as same as the background color of the website, a 1 pixel blackborder is requested to distinguish the ad from the content
  • Do not embed any URLs in the Flash file include linking URLs in an email or other document
  • Accessing the Users Microphone or Webcam is not premitted
  • The use of Clip board is not premitted
  • Looping must be set to False
  • Click-thru URL limit : 150 characters
  • Include the following code
    • for Embed : allowscriptaccess ="always"
    • for Object : ‹param value ="always" name ="allowScriptAccess"/ ›
  • Maximum animation duration is suggested to 10-sec
  • Loading file from cross domains is not allowed for security reasons

Flash ClickTag Installation

  • clickTag should be placed in the button or frame action that you want your URL navigation to trigger from and called on Release
  • finished button script should be :
    • on (release)
      if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:" || clickTAG.substr(0,6) == "https:")
      getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");
  • Save changes this *fla file and Publish out *.swf and *.html files


  • Both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio is accepted. Both width and the height of the video should not be greater than the height and width of banner that carries the video
  • Raw avi format prefered
  • WMV format accepted with bit rate 450kbps or above
  • mpeg4 format accepted with bit rate 450kbps or above
  • No other digital format will be accepted
  • File size of video should not exceed 3MB
  • VHS, DVD, VCD and Beta video tape are not accepted
  • User click can activate progressive download streaming
  • Maximum 30-sec video is accepted
  • Audio encoded at volume should not greater than -12db
  • Mute button must be there

User Experience

  • video will play automatically when the banner is called
  • sound mute is off when the banner is called
  • a frequency cap of 3 times in 6 hours is applied to the banner ad size of 370 x 220 but not the tab, ie the tag will always be there
  • user can click the tag to view the ad size of 370 x 220 at any time

3rd Party Ad Serving

  • It is subject to approval by Hong Kong Economic Journal

Material Deadline

  • 3 working days prior to publication date for non-video banner
  • 5 working days prior to publication date for video banner



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Tel:2856 7635 / 2856 7676      Fax:2597 5822

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