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Publication date: 1st of each month 出版日期:每月1號出版

EFFECTIVE 1st JANUARY 2020 二零二零年一月一日生效

Specified Position Advertisement
Trim Size
Bleed Size
Back Cover 封底
265 × 200
275 × 210
Inside Front Cover 封面裡版
265 × 200
275 × 210
Inside Front Cover Spread 封面裡跨版
265 × 400
275 × 410
Inside Back Cover 封底裡版
265 × 200
275 × 210
R.O.P. Advertisement 內頁廣告
Full Page 全版
265 × 200
275 × 210
Horizontal Half Page 半版 (橫)
132 × 200
142 × 210
Vertical Half Page 半版 (直)
265 × 100
275 × 110

Material Requirement 來稿規格
Digital Formats 電子化規格 • Acrobat5(PDF1.4)或以上
• 300dpi, saved in CMYK colour space. 300dpi並使用色域CMYK
• All fonts in the file should be set with "OUTLINE PATH"

• Colour Proof: Artpaper print, 4-Colour printing ink or ink-jet accepted.
Material Deadline*
* Not later than 6:00pm 下午6:00前
Booking Deadline 訂位日期:
14 working days prior to publication date 刊登前14個工作天
Material Deadline 截稿日期:
12 working days prior to publication date刊登前12個工作天
Cancellation / Postponement Deadline取消/延刊限期
14 working days prior to publication date刊登前14個工作天

Material Delivery 稿件送遞
Material should be delivered to
Hong Kong Economic Journal Co., Ltd
Sales Dept.
G/F., United Overseas Plaza,
11 Lai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Tel 電話︰2856 7662 / 2856 7663
Fax 傳真︰2597 5922

Collecting Time
Mon to Fri 周一至五 9:00am-6:00pm

Electronic Transmission 電子檔案
Artwork (saved in files) can be uploaded to our FTP site 可透過FTP上載 –


1. All advertising bookings must be accompanied by a space order, which must be signed by an authorized person of the Advertiser/Advertising Agency and chopped with the company’s stamp. Hong Kong Economic Journal Co., Ltd (“HKEJ”) will not be bound by any terms or conditions printed or appeared on space order or copy instructions submitted by or on behalf of the Advertiser/Advertising Agency. /客戶或廣告代理訂刊廣告,必須填妥由信報財經新聞有限公司(以下簡稱本報)訂立之合約,並需由公司蓋章及由授權人簽署確定。本報不會受客戶或廣告代理之訂位通知單上任何規條限制。
2. HKEJ reserves the right to reject, decline, or refuse to publish in whole or in part or to amend any material of any advertisement with or without prior notice or explanation to the Advertiser/Advertising Agency, wherever it considers necessary or desirable and whether or not such advertisement was previously acknowledged, accepted or published. HKEJ shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of such non-publication or amendment as aforesaid and no compensation of any kind will be granted to Advertiser/Advertising Agency in the event of non-publication or amendment of the same. Moreover the Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall remain liable to HKEJ for the charges of such altered advertisements. /本報有絕對決定權拒絕或對部分或全部廣告內容作出修改而毋須事前通知客戶及廣告代理,當中包括曾被本報認可、接受及刊登過的廣告。本報不會就拒絕或修改廣告內容所造成的損失或後果負責任。此外,客戶及廣告代理仍須為已修改之廣告內容繳付廣告費。
3. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency jointly and severally warrants that the advertisement submitted for publication does not contravene the laws of Hong Kong, does not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property right of any third person, business or corporation. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency further warrants that the advertisement does not contain any libelous or slanderous materials, does not invade anyone’s privacy, nor contain any indecency or obscenity. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency warrants that it has the unrestricted right to use all trademarks, service marks, logos, graphics, portraits, photographs, pictures and artwork contained in the advertisement. /客戶及廣告代理必須保證刊登之廣告沒有違反任何適用於香港特別行政區之法律、規則及規例;不會侵犯公司或個人版權、他人專利權。客戶及廣告代理又須保證廣告內容沒有含誹謗、中傷性評論的成分、不會侵犯他人私隱。此外,廣告內容不可猥褻、淫穢。客戶及廣告代理亦須保證在廣告內可使用公司專屬之商標、服務商標、標誌、圖像、肖像、相片、圖畫或插圖而不受限制。
4. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall be solely responsible for the contents of the advertisement. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall jointly and severally indemnify and keep indemnified HKEJ on a full indemnity basis against all actions, proceedings costs, damages, expenses, claims, demands and liabilities arising in any manner whatsoever from or in consequence of the publication of any material whatsoever supplied by the Advertiser/Advertising Agency under this agreement, without limitation, any claim or damage arising from any dispute concerning defamation, infringement of copyright or contravention of the laws of Hong Kong. /客戶及廣告代理是廣告的唯一負責人。若廣告刊登後於任何情況下與香港特別行政區法律有任何牴觸,例如:誹謗、侵犯版權等,客戶及廣告代理將個別及聯合共同承擔全數賠償或不斷賠償本報因刊登該廣告而帶來的訴訟、訴訟費用、損毀、開支、追討、律師傳喚及債務所帶來之損失。
5. HKEJ will use its best endeavors to publish the advertisement placed on the date specified by the Advertiser/Advertising Agency. However, it reserves the right to alter the date of insertion without prior notice to or agreement by the Advertiser/Advertising Agency. Moreover, all advertisements placed are subject to the pre-emption rules as stated in this Advertising Rate Card. (“Rate Card”). /本報將盡力為客戶及廣告代理在指定日期刊登廣告。惟本報同時保留調動廣告刊登日期之權利而毋須事先通知客戶及廣告代理。此外,所有廣告的刊登位置謹循本廣告價目表的規則作實。
6. Advertising material for insertion must reach the Sales Department of HKEJ on or before the deadline as stipulated in the Rate Card. Late delivery of advertising material or cancellation of booking after the deadline will result in forfeiture of the space booked and the Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall be liable for full payment. /廣告來稿必須按照廣告價目表訂列之時間。若客戶及廣告代理未能及時將稿件送抵本報營業部辦公室或於價目表上列明之限期前取消訂刊,本報將沒收預留廣告位置,惟客戶及廣告代理仍須付上廣告之全部費用。
7. Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall not cancel orders for advertisement after the booking deadline stated in the Rate Card. 客戶及廣告代理不能在價目表上列明之訂位限期後取消刊登廣告。
8. Advertising materials must conform to the material specifications and any other requirements stipulated or referred to in the Rate Card. Materials submitted by the Advertiser/Advertising Agency which require extra processing will be subjected to extra charge. /客戶及廣告代理必須遵守廣告價目表上的來稿規格內的細則。若客戶及廣告代理送來之稿件與本報所訂之條件不符,本報將為稿件作出修改,而客戶及廣告代理將要繳付修正費用。
9. HKEJ shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of the supplied advertising materials and the Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall at its own expenses collect them at the office of HKEJ within one month after the publication of the advertisement, failing which HKEJ shall be entitled to destroy or dispose of them as it deems fit without any liability to the Advertiser/Advertising Agency. /客戶或廣告代理必須於廣告刊登後一個月內,安排專人往本報領回稿件。客戶若未能於限期內前來領取,一切遺件及損毀本報概不負責。而本報有權在限期後將稿件銷毀並不作保留。
10. All complaints or claims regarding advertisements published must be made in writing within 2 days from the date of publication of the advertisement with good causes to be stipulated therein and the time for making such complaints or claims shall be of the essence. Late submission of claims will absolutely not be entertained by HKEJ. The liability of HKEJ shall be limited to a maximum of repaying the Advertiser/Advertising Agency the charge of the relevant advertisement. /有關刊登廣告之投訴及索償須於廣告刊登日2個工作天內以書面遞交,並列明事項精要、日期。若客戶及廣告代理未能在限期內提交資料,本報將不接納客戶及廣告代理之投訴及索償。本報最高賠償費用不會超越該廣告之廣告費。
11. In order not to confuse advertisements with editorial contents, the Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall insert the wordings “廣告” when required by HKEJ and at the place and size as advised by HKEJ. /為免混淆廣告及本報編採部撰寫之內文,客戶及廣告代理必須根據本報指示,於廣告上添加由本報指定大小及位置之「廣告」字眼。
12. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall pay HKEJ advertising fee upon placing of the relevant order to HKEJ. Payment should be made by crossed cheque in favor of “Hong Kong Economic Journal Co. Ltd.” in HK Dollars without any deduction or set-off. The Advertiser/Advertising Agency shall also bear all the bank charge in the settlement process, if any. /客戶及廣告代理訂刊廣告後,必須即時以劃線支票支付廣告費,抬頭為「信報財經新聞有限公司」,貨幣單位為港幣,客戶及廣告代理不能自行降低費用或是拖延繳付。客戶及廣告代理亦必須支付繳付廣告費時涉及的銀行有關的收費。
13. The placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the above Advertising Terms and Conditions by the Advertiser/Advertising Agency. No other terms and conditions other than those set forth herein shall be binding on HKEJ unless specifically agreed in writing by HKEJ. /客戶及廣告代理刊登廣告時須遵照以上廣告條款。除了取得本報書面同意外,本報不會接受客戶之訂位通知單上任何規條所限制。
14. These terms and conditions of advertisement posting are translated from English into Chinese of guidance only. In case of discrepancy between the Chinese and the English versions, the English version shall prevail. /刊登廣告條件及規例之中文譯本僅供參考,如中文譯本文義與英文原本有異時,應以英文原本為準。





Common Material Size
Full Page ROP
Trim Size: 265mm x 200mm
(Bleed Size: 275mm x 210mm)
Horizontal Half Page
Trim Size: 132mm x 200mm
(Bleed Size: 142mm x 210mm)
Vertical Half Page
Trim Size: 265mm x 100mm
(Bleed Size: 275mm x 110mm)
Inside Front Cover Spread
Trim Size: 265mm x 400 mm
(Bleed Size: 275mm x 410mm)



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Tel:2856 7635 / 2856 7676      Fax:2597 5822

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